Binding and Finishing:

Our complete binding and finishing services will meet all your corporate needs and more.   And if you need to satisfy your creative urge for a unique bind, an unusual booklet assembly, or an inventive cut for packaging, we have the tools to help you.

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When you want a special cut — for the cover of your report or for an enclosure that is uniquely designed for packaging — we can make the die and the cut for you.   See what our Die Cut service can do.

How Our Die Cut Works

Process:   Dies made of thin strips of metal blades follow a given pattern fixed on a board (see pictures above).   The board with the die attaches to our letterpress machine which provides the clamping force that will cut the pattern into the paper stock.

Setup Information:   You provide us with your design (the outline of the shape(s) with precise dimensions). We will cut the size of the die at 100% of the design in your digital file in PDF format and make the die and the cut for you.